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23.04.2019, 03:49
ahmed mohamed hamdy ahmed mohamed hamdy
: 23.04.2019
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 the best Pest Control company in Riyadh

What to do and what to do in the siege of rats
Mice are similar to trapped mice, but mice require larger traps and can be smarter in avoiding traps that are not properly entangled or intimidated in one way or another.
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Do not use venom as bait in a rat trap. The toxin does not make the traps more effective and unnecessarily leads to danger to pets and people at home.
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Do re-use rat traps. The odor left by a rat caught in the trap will not prevent other rats from being trapped. Instead, it can attract them to the trap.
Be patient when placing traps. Mice may not approach a trap for several days after placing them. As long as the bait is properly placed in the trap (and not captured by a mouse), you can leave the trap for several days or even two weeks.
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Do not touch the traps with bare hands. It is best to bait and put traps while wearing gloves or using tools or tools instead of your hands. Human odor on traps can repel rats.
Do place multiple traps. Set individual traps in more than one location to increase chances of encountering mice.
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Do not put traps where children or pets can contact them. Try to keep traps away from living areas or otherwise frequently used storage areas. You can close doors and warn children to stay outside areas that contain traps. Be particularly careful of placing traps outdoors, where pets or wildlife may easily encounter them.

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