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Brickleberry (Бриклберри)

Американский анимационный сериал. Сюжет сериала развивается вокруг криворуких лесников-раздолбаев, и их ежедневной жизни в выдуманном Национальном парке Бриклберри.

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Старый 10.06.2018, 15:00
depprussell depprussell вне форума
Регистрация: 09.06.2018
Сообщений: 9
По умолчанию Animated Atrocities to Brickleberry V2


The story is pretty much a jealousy plot with a bear starving because he's too smug to eat healthy. If he didn't want to eat bugs he could've eaten berries. The bear ends up getting raped by a guy basically claiming he's a rapist with a warrant to stay away from small animals, and the bear falls for it for f*cking chocolate. We also get WAY too many instances of the main character killing or scarring somebody because he's an idiotic *sshole, and THIS GUY'S RANGER OF THE F*CKING MONTH!? His best friend states it's because nobody else gives a sh*t. It's fine to have one or two instances where the main character screws up but he saves a child, sees someone save four, and then throws the kid he saved INTO THE F*CKING LAKE! The kid's an amputee too.
This episode also has a comedy problem. The very first moment in this episode is a forest-wide orgy, which isn't funny for multiple reasons. One: the main character makes four KIDS witness it. Two: it goes on for way too long and overuses the same joke. Hardy har har, the animals are having sex in front of kids. That is a common joke for adult stuff to make, but it was way to long to be funny here. The cutaway gags don't work because it feels more like this show's trying to copy Family Guy rather than be funny. They also can't decide which character to be the comic relief, the lesbian stereotype, the main character, his best friend and the bear all feel like comic relief type characters and it doesn't work because the sane characters don't bounce off them very well.

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